“In the first activity in the first class John saw what I was doing and told me simply, “No hiding.” I didn’t realize then just how right he was. Every interaction with John has helped me to become lighter and less bound up. It’s been an amazing process of dropping fears and stepping into both the light and shadow. I still hide sometimes, but I’m getting comfortable with the idea of being seen.”

– Michael, Utah

“I had an explosive start but the larger part of me knew that the time had arrived and John was the messenger. His workshop was the trigger that said “Go!” Things that I have been ignoring for a long time and questions I was asking everyone except myself are finally very clear.”

– Bonnie, Virginia

“John is childlike, playful, powerful, kind, strong, weak, selfish, selfless, compassionate, human, real, and most importantly in a state of grace and balance that allows effortlessness to prevail (which always used to piss me off when he said it but now I get it!)”

– Angie, Utah

“The training, guidance, generosity and support I received during the workshops helped me to finally step into my own power. It has created magic in my life and there are not sufficient words to describe my gratitude.”

– Sandy, California

“Since we saw you we all feel changed. It is truly amazing and quite a gift. For me, it’s meant that I feel more whole, more self-possessed, more ‘me’, and it feels great.”

– Kelly, Ohio

“The concept of his teaching was amazing – but personally, I didn’t expect that I would ever get ‘there’. But I’m here now and it’s bigger and more sweeping than I could have conceived of when I started this path two years ago. We have come all the way – on a quantum ride – just like he said. My life is transformed.

– Marjie, Utah