During your yearlong journey around the earthly directions of The Medicine Wheel, you’re introduced to your own unique spiritual, energetic, sacred lineage, and the infinite supporting cast that shares in your path and intention. You are invited to explore and maintain respectful, reciprocal, empowered relationship with each fragmented portion of your Original Being. As the year progresses you remap your spiritual landscape. Perceived boundaries and ingrained limitations are eliminated as you remap your spiritual landscape and become fluent in the inter-dimensional travel skills of both the traditional and contemporary shaman. Through journeys, exercises and encounters with the myriad energetic forms and flows that shape our infinite universe, you come to fully recognize and comfortably inhabit your natural state as a multi-dimensional being – integrating your enhanced, refined capacities and awareness into day to day life as a being of infinite existence, dwelling in a physical body. Shamanism as a launching pad to higher consciousness.


The skills, awareness and endurance gained during Level One form the launch pad and trajectory for your Level Two year. You no longer define reality and possibility through attachment to the stories of your previous experience. You live from a place of choice and deliberate design sourced from within, rather than continuing to shape your life through unconscious reactivity, compulsion, habit, assumption, or fear.  Any external identification with power is gone. You now own your spiritual inheritance as a completely whole being, familiar with and fluent in your own individual gifts of perception. While experiencing the roles of both practitioner and client, you acquaint yourself with the formerly invisible terrain of the energetic and subtle bodies that support life in all its forms. Month by month, you expand your energetic tool kit of awareness and practices with traditional and contemporary shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval, extraction and vibrational attunement – all the while developing a few of your own. Through this exploration of The Infinite Within, you become your own ceremony. You realize that you are The Keeper of your own reciprocal relationship with the Divine. Now you can step fully into the role of your own Master, Teacher, and Guru. You are truly Home, and now Home can be as big as you want it to be.